Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Baby Shower and Thoughtless Comments

I just got home from the first baby shower since Gracie left us. I was doing really well on the drive over. Truly believing that God's plan was exactly right and that we just don't know what he's doing sometimes. I was thinking about one of the facebook friends I met through the trisomy 18 group just after we lost Gracie. She lost her daughter in Nov. 09 a month before we lost Gracie. And sadly she just lost her rainbow baby at 33 weeks just about a week ago. Wow did that stun me and my heart aches for her. When she annouced her rainbow pregnancy it was one of the first announcements I had heard of after losing Gracie. I was a lot shocked out how quickly it had happened for them and we weren't even trying at that point. You just don't know which one's will go straight to heaven and which one's stay here with us. I am again reminded to love deeply but assume that you really don't know when the last day will be with anyone.

So this shower was for my cousin who has a daughter 3 weeks older than my 3 year old son. When I announced my pregnancy with Gracie she told me that she just wasn't ready for another one yet so at that time I assumed that the rest of our babies wouldn't be the same age. But then she announced that she was ttc just before we decided to start trying this time and so then I thought well maybe this next one will be the same age. Well now I'm here, the day of her shower and still haven't had luck ttc. I have to go back to it's all in God's timing and why would I want anything other than what God has for me. But it's so hard to keep my mind framed around that thought and not wonder why we haven't yet. And wonder why everyone I know who was trying is now pregnant. It's so easy to slip into that thought pattern.

The shower wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Thankfully it was a small shower and I didn't have to look at a ton of baby girl clothing items. When she told me she found out she was having a girl she said she cried. I told her it could be worse and she said, "yeah, it could be worse, I could be having twin girls." This side of the family has trouble using their head when they speak. Her mother today said that our side of the family ruined getting together for Thanksgiving last year. I can't believe she said that because my side of the family had Thanksgiving at my house last year because I wasn't allowed to travel being pregnant with Gracie.

I will choose to not hold a grudge even though my feelings tell me too.

So in 10 minutes we leave to go to my husbands brother and sister-in-laws baby gender reveal party. Wish me luck!! What a day!!! I'll tell you about it later.


  1. Glad the shower was not too bad for you. I still haven't been to one. Wishing you luck at the gender reveal party!

  2. Haven't been able to handle a shower either. Helped plan and fund one, but bowed out at the last minute. If people don't understand, well...they aren't worth much for my concern anyway.

    We had Thanksgiving at our house last year too because Matthew was 3 days late as it was. This year, when discussing the holidays (WITH OUR family, no less!) we had some, um, issues when discussing the plans. Thanksgiving is the 25th, John's dad died the 27th, Matthew was born the 28th and died the 29th...and oh, yeah, I'll be 34 weeks pregnant. Think it should be PRETTY OBVIOUS that if anyone gets to 'stake claim' on a time period, it's us. Certainly this year, and in my mind, whenever we want. Those who want to be with us will. Those who don't, well...they'll just not be there and I won't have to hear snide comments anyway.

    I'm really sorry about the comments you were subjected to. Some people just have no filters.

  3. I'm glad the shower went ok for you. I can't believe that she said you ruined Thanksgiving. Gimme a break!!! Sheesh!