Friday, June 25, 2010

Gallbladder is fine

So thank goodness, my gallbladder is not bad enough to need surgery and we can keep ttc!! Wooohoo!!

I don't really have much to write but I thought I would at least share. I was really worried that if it was a gallbladder issue that if I get pregnant it would get worse. And I really don't want to be faced with a need for surgery while pregnant like you can probably imagine. So thankfully the surgeon reassured me that since I don't have gallstones that pregnancy will not make it worse. I do have biliary dyskensia but my symptoms aren't bad enough to warrant surgery at this point and the level was right on the edge of normal.

I'm relived. And did I say that we can keep ttc!! Woohoo!! PTL!!


  1. Monica, that is wonderful!!!! I have been meaning to send you a message, but my brain just isn't clicking on all cyclinders. LOL When you get a chance, will you email me your address? I have some things to send you. :)

  2. That biliary thing sounds not fun, though--is there anything you can do to help your uncomfortability or to try and make sure it doesn't get worse or are the doctors not even worried about it?? I'm so glad for no surgery!!!

  3. Great news!! I'm sure it will eventually have to come out at some point (b/c more than likely it'll get worse) but glad it can be later and not now and you can ttc!